Why A Little Undetected Leak Could Be A Big Problem

If you have a home, it is important that you keep up with routine maintenance. Your plumbing system is an area that may get undetected in the grand scheme of things. This is because some individuals do not think of minor plumbing issues as serious. Ignoring minor issues can lead to more significant issues and cause damage that extends beyond the plumbing system. A plumber can inspect your home and discover major and minor flaws in your plumbing system.

Symptoms Of A Water Heater Emergency

Problems with your water heater are usually just an inconvenience, which means you can call the plumber during normal business owners. There are a few situations, though, that are considered an emergency.  Extreme Heat Increase A water heater is usually set to about 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This is hot enough to destroy bacteria, but not so hot as to cause burns to those using the water. If the temperature is too hot and no one has adjusted the settings, then the water heater is malfunctioning.

What to Expect When You're Expecting a Septic Pumping Service

If you’re the brand new owner of a house that has a septic tank, you should be happy that you’ve made a choice that is environmentally-friendly, low maintenance, and can last for decades at a time. Having a septic system can also be a reason for slight trepidation, as well. We’ve all heard horror stories of sewage backing up into the yard, creating a huge (and smelly) mess that can take days to get rid of.

Hiring A Plumber - More Than Just Fixing The Kitchen Sink

You would be surprised by the damage that a water leak can cause, and especially if it isn’t repaired quickly.  When in a situation where a plumbing fixture is leaking, you may find a need to hire a professional plumber.  The job of a plumber is to find and fix the leak quickly and efficiently.    Their expertise goes beyond just a kitchen sink leaking, however.  You may not realize it, but a plumber can fix everything from your standard sink leak to water mains and perform jobs that range from the installation of sump pumps to even finding a gas leak.

Repairing Problems Your Well Pump Could Suffer

In order for your home’s well to be able to supply water to the home, it will need to have a powerful pumping system. If this pump were to suffer a major malfunction, it could completely stop the supply of water for the home. While these pumping systems are normally highly reliable, they can suffer a number of common failures.    A Flooded Unit While your well pump will be exposed to moisture on a constant basis, it can be possible for it to become sufficiently flooded to where it will no longer work.

What To Do If An Appliance In Your Home Is Spraying Hot Water

As with anything, pipes and tubes responsible for bringing in hot water can start to break down. When this happens, hot water can end up spraying all over your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. If you’ve discovered this disaster, follow this guide to ensure your own safety and the quickest solution to your problem. Keep Your Distance The water coming out of your leak right now is undiluted, hot water that is coming straight from your water heater.

The Most Ecologically Friendly Method Of Clearing Your Drains And Plumbing Blockages

When you have something that’s slowing down your drain or keeping it from draining entirely, it can be extremely frustrating. But what’s even more frustrating is trying to do the right thing for the environment while you fix this problem. Thankfully, there is a solution that’s extremely eco-friendly if you just know about it. Here’s what you should avoid and what you should do in this situation. Average Drain Cleaner

Why Does Water Keep Backing Up Into Your Dishwasher?

Dishwashers are only supposed to be full of water when they’re in use, and otherwise are to remain bone-dry so as to keep your dishes safe and sanitary. Unfortunately, if your dishwasher is filling with water at other times, this likely means that there’s a problem going on with your plumbing. Here’s what you need to know about this problem. How It’s Happening When dishwashers fill up with water on their own — unless there’s a noticeable leak — it’s not coming out from the same spray arms that rinse everything with water when your dishwasher is running.

Are Tampons Causing Your Plumbing Problems?

Tampons are a convenience for women, but they can cause significant issues with your plumbing. It’s better to not flush tampons down the toilet, even if you think your plumbing can handle it. Doing so can cause some significant problems with your plumbing. Here’s what you need to know about this problem and how you can avoid it or get it fixed. “Safe to Flush” Tampons, like many other products on the market, are specifically marketed as being “