Repairing Problems Your Well Pump Could Suffer

In order for your home's well to be able to supply water to the home, it will need to have a powerful pumping system. If this pump were to suffer a major malfunction, it could completely stop the supply of water for the home. While these pumping systems are normally highly reliable, they can suffer a number of common failures.   

A Flooded Unit

While your well pump will be exposed to moisture on a constant basis, it can be possible for it to become sufficiently flooded to where it will no longer work. For example, it could be possible for the internal seals of the water pump to fail, which could allow the interior to suffer widespread flooding and water damage. Once this problem occurs, replacing the pump may be needed as the damage can be severe. While this is a major problem, it is typically more of a concern for older well pumps or those that are not regularly being serviced by a professional contractor.

Mineral Accumulations In The Pump

Minerals from the water that the pump is moving can accumulate in the interior of the pump. These accumulations can lead to a variety of malfunctions as they will actually be able to completely stop the flow of water as well as jamming moving components. If your water source is hard, it will be more likely to cause this damage. Unfortunately, there is little that can be done to stop these mineral deposits from forming, but you can have a well pump contractor remove these deposits with a specialized solvent. Having this work done every few years will allow for these materials to be removed long before they are able to cause significant performance issues for the well.

Faulty Electrical Systems

A modern well pump system will require large amounts of power in order to function. Not surprisingly, issues with the power supply or the internal wiring of the pump can lead to inconsistent performance. While it may seem strange that wiring could come loose or otherwise suffer damage with a buried well pump, it is important to appreciate the amount of vibration that these units can generate. As the unit ages, these vibrations can make it easier for wiring to come loose. In many instances, these repairs will be relatively simple, but the dangers of working with electrical components will make it advisable to have a professional well pump contractor, such as Action Well & Pump Repair, repair any potential electrical problems with the pump.