What To Do If An Appliance In Your Home Is Spraying Hot Water

As with anything, pipes and tubes responsible for bringing in hot water can start to break down. When this happens, hot water can end up spraying all over your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. If you've discovered this disaster, follow this guide to ensure your own safety and the quickest solution to your problem.

Keep Your Distance

The water coming out of your leak right now is undiluted, hot water that is coming straight from your water heater. Most water heaters keep water at an extremely hot temperature, which means that you're at risk for being scalded or burned if you get too close. As a result, ignore the mess for the moment and stay away. Don't even wade through the water if it's pooling on your floor; this could cause the water to soak up into your shoes or pants and scald you.

Water Shut Off

To tackle this situation, you're going to need to go to the water shut-off. Go to the one outside that shuts off water to your entire house, not the one that's attached to the appliance that's spraying water. Doing so would require getting close to the water and potentially hurting yourself. By shutting off the water main, it will kill the water to the entire house and will let you get closer to the problem without getting hurt.

Once the water main has been shut off, wait a few minutes until the water that has pooled in your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room is noticeably cooler. Once this has happened, you can safely approach and turn off the local water shut-off. Then, go back outside and turn on the water main so that you can continue using water even while this mess is going on.

Get Help

You'll want to mop up the mess as soon as possible, but the most important thing right now is calling for a professional's help. Even if you have basic plumbing training, messing with a hot water valve isn't the safest thing that you can do. Testing the valve by turning it on and off could expose you to a blast of scalding hot water, and that's not safe at all.

Let the plumber come in and do the work. They'll figure out what's going on with the pipe or tube in no time and will be able to replace, repair, or otherwise solve the problem so that you no longer have hot water going everywhere.

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