Two Important Maintenance Tips For Furnaces

A residential heating system is required during the harsh winter months of the year. Without one, the indoors of your property would plummet to dangerous temperatures. A furnace is typically one of the most common sources of heat for homes. Keeping it working properly is an important responsibility for every homeowner. Luckily, with regular maintenance, you can keep it running well and even extend the life expectancy of the unit by a few years. Below are tips for keeping the heating unit maintained without the assistance of a professional.


When you have a furnace, it is connected to a ventilation system that goes throughout the entire house. The vents deliver the warm air into every room that has an air register in it. It is important to keep all the vents open, even if you currently do not use certain rooms. If you keep the registers closed, it can end up costing more than if you keep them open. Before you use the heating unit each year, go through the house and make sure everything is open. You also need to clean any dust or debris from inside the registers. Another important thing is clearing any objects that may be blocking the registers, like rugs or furniture. Leave a few inches space between all registers and other objects.


Another area on the furnace that should be cleaned at least twice a year is the air filter. If the filter gets too dirty, it causes the unit to run harder than it is supposed to. Every unit has one, but the type varies depending on the model. Some filters are reuseable and others need to be replaced every few months. Check with your owner's manual to see which type you have. If it's the reusable one, remove the filter to clean it. You can do this by rubbing a damp cloth over it until all the dust is gone. For replaceable filters, find the serial number on the filter so you know you are buying the correct one. You can find them at home improvement stores and or heating and cooling companies.


Taking care of the unit can extend its life, but there will be times when it malfunctions. You should always use a professional heating contractor to handle all repairs on the furnace. A lot of companies even offer emergency services for service calls that take place after normal business hours, holidays, or weekends.

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