Plumbing Services That Help Your Home Stay Dry And Free From Pests, Mold, And Water Damage

A dry house is important for the prevention of pests and mold. When you notice an increase in certain kinds of pests, such as roaches and silverfish, you should wonder if your home has a problem with high humidity or a water leak. Tiny water leaks may not seem to be that bad, and you might think you can put up with them, but they not only cause water damage over time, they will also make your home attractive to pests. Here are some plumbing services you may need to keep your home dry.

Fix A Leaky Hot Water Tank

If your hot water heater is in the basement, it's in a place that's already prone to high humidity and moisture problems. The addition of a slow drip from a water heater can make basement dampness even worse. If your water heater is dripping, even if it's a slow drip, you should have a plumber take a look because that's an abnormal situation. If the tank is rusted, then the plumber will have to replace it because the leak will just get bigger. However, a drip from the drain valve or pressure release valve might be repairable.

Find And Repair A Slab Leak

A slab leak can be a serious problem because water leaks under the concrete slab, and you may have no idea there is a pipe problem. However, you might notice a water bill that keeps getting higher, and there may be a water stain on the basement floor along with an increase in moisture-loving bugs in the basement. A plumber can use meters and other equipment to locate a hidden water leak without having to rip out the floor or wall until the damaged area is found. A slab leak has to be repaired so you stop wasting water and so your basement can dry out. This might entail busting up the slab to reach the pipe so it can be repaired or replaced.

Stop A Drip Under A Sink

A slow drip underneath a kitchen or bathroom sink is a common problem that can go undetected for a while if you don't need to look under the sink very often. You may notice a mildew odor or see more roaches running around. The drip might be in the inlet pipe and continuous or in a drain and only happening when you run water down the sink. This kind of drip can be destructive since it might cause the cabinet wood to rot and cause water damage to the floor. If you can't stop the leak yourself by tightening the connections, then call in a plumber to repair the leak so the cabinet under your sink can dry out.

No matter where you notice a leak, or even if you just suspect you have one, then you should take action to have it repaired so your home stays as dry as possible. By keeping your home dry, you can prevent mold growth, keep water damage from happening, and make your home less welcoming to pests like roaches and other bugs.

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