Clogged Drains In A Rental Property? How To Clear The Blockages And Keep Your Pipes In Great Condition

Do you have clogged drains in your rental property? During the time that your property was rented out by a tenant, he or she may never have told you that there was quite an issue with some of the drains in the home. However, now that the old tenant has moved out and the new tenants have moved in, they might be complaining to you about some serious issues, such as toilets that will not flush, water that will not go down the drain, and water that is building up in their sink or even in their bathtub. Because the problem is inconvenient for the tenants and could cause damage to your rental property, you must find a plumber to help clean out the drains.

What Causes Most Drains to Get Clogged?

Even the smallest of things can eventually start building up inside these pipes, blocking entry to the water that is trying to run through them. There is also the issue of not knowing what your previous tenant put down the drains. For example, the old tenant may have poured cooking grease down the kitchen drain on more than one occasion after preparing a meal. Pouring cooking grease down a drain is something that should be avoided because the grease turns into a solid that causes blockages in the pipes. Plenty of other things can cause the drains to start clogging up, including excessive amount of toilet paper, baby wipes in the toilet, and even hair that falls out when it is getting washed in the shower.

How Are Clogs Removed?

The steps needed to remove blockages from different drains in the home will depend on how severe those blockages are. Sometimes the problem is so minor that you truly only need a plunger to do the trick for you. However, if a plunger does not solve the problem after a few minutes, you should not keep going with the use of the plunger because you could damage your plumbing fixtures. When there are larger blockages that are causing a lot of issues in the home, you need a plumber who will use larger equipment to clear everything out, such as drain cleaning sink machines and heavy-duty drum machines that are powerful enough to eliminate some of the largest blockages.

If the drains are clogged in your rental property, you can try to use a plunger to solve the problem, but there is a good chance you will need to hire a plumber, like those at Service Now, to get rid of any blockages. You need to have these blockages cleared out to protect the integrity of your pipes while making sure that your new tenants can use the plumbing fixtures in the home with no issues.