Drain Troubles You Should Never Ignore

As a homeowner with a sewer system connection, you need to be attentive to any signs of trouble with your sewer drains. While some more subtle issues may be okay to ignore, others could prove to be highly problematic, even if they appear to be minor at the time. Here are a few things you might encounter that you should never dismiss.

Poor Drainage

If your sinks and tubs aren't draining well, that may be because there's a buildup of grease or other debris inside the drain pipe. When that happens, it will actually narrow the diameter of the pipe, which reduces the volume of liquid that can pass through it. The more proactive you are about keeping your drains clean, especially with a professional hydrojet treatment, the less risk you'll face of this problem.

Clogs In Multiple Locations

If you have drains clogged in more than one location in your home, that's a common sign of significant drain troubles. For example, if all of your sinks are clogged, or the kitchen sink, bathroom shower, and downstairs washtub are all backed up, that may mean you have a blockage in the main sewer drain line.

In those cases, it's always best to reach out to a drain cleaning company or a licensed plumber. That way, you can ensure that the problem is resolved without risking causing further damage with chemical treatments.

Repeat Clogs

If there's one or more drains in your home that seem to be getting clogged all the time, that's another key warning sign. While sometimes this can be due to hair buildup in the drain, such as in the shower, other times it may be an indication that you're just not getting the entire clog out each time you clean it. When this happens, it's often in your best interest to call a plumber and let them either snake or hydrojet the line.

Drain Odors

When you start noticing a foul smell from your drains, that often means that you have water, grease, hair, and other debris stuck in the drain. When those things are left to sit stagnant, they will start to grow bacteria that emits a foul smell.

In other cases, the foul odor could be a sewage backup. If your sewer line is clogged and backing up, that can frequently cause your home to smell bad. Either of these problems is best left to the help of a plumber, because you need to identify the underlying cause before you can resolve the issue.