Common Signs Of A Water Main Leak

Your home's water main is a large pipe that transports water from your utility provider into your home. The water main is buried underground, no it is not easy to notice if it has any problems. But, a leaking water main is a serious plumbing problem that needs to be repaired promptly before it can cause serious damage. Some of the common signs of a water main leak include:

Higher than Normal Water Bills

A damaged water main can cause huge amounts of water to leak out of the pipe into the surrounding soil. While your family may not be consuming more water, a leaking water main can drive up the amount of water that you obtain from your utility provider. If you look at your water bill and it is much more than normal, there may be an issue. Contact your utility provider to see if there has been an error; if they can verify that the large bill is correct, immediately contact a plumber.

Drop in Water Pressure

Intact pipes are essential in order to maintain water pressure. According to professionals at Drainman The, when a large pipe like your home's water main develops a crack, it will not be possible to keep the water pressure at the right level. As a result, you may notice a drastic drop in water pressure in your home's faucets and shower heads. Never ignore an unexplained drop in water pressure-- it is usually a sign of a serious plumbing problem, such as a broken water main.

Water in the Yard

When the soil surrounding the area of the water main that is leaking becomes completely saturated, the water will need somewhere to go. In most cases, the water will begin rising, which can result in puddles in your yard or soggy patches of grass. If you notice a large puddle in your yard despite there not being large amount of rain, you are most likely in need of plumbing repair services.

Ground Depressions

As the ground surrounding a water main leak becomes saturated, the soil can become compacted creating a depression. If the leak it not repaired, it is possible for depressed areas of the ground to eventually become sinkholes. In the event that you notice visible ground depressions in your yard, do not walk over them or try to investigate on your own. The best thing that you can do is call a plumber to investigate the issue.