Three Signs You Are In Dire Need Of Plumbing Repairs

Your home's plumbing system is in constant use, and as such, is also constantly exposed to a variety of stresses that can cause damage and clogs to develop. Any sort of damage or blockage in your pipes can have a huge effect on the rest of your home, as you won't be able to use some of your major appliances or even cook or wash yourself properly. Fortunately, a plumbing system that is in need of professional attention and repairs will exhibit a number of early warning signs, which you can look out for to identify problems early and address them before they become too serious.

Strange Sounds

One of the earliest and most easily recognized signs that there is something wrong with your plumbing system is a strange sound coming from behind the walls or ceiling. The sound of running water when your faucets and appliances are all off is perhaps the most serious, as it obviously points to a leak, which can cause water damage and mold growth. However, if you notice that there are several loud banging or popping sounds that come out of your pipes when you turn the water on anywhere, you may have water hammers, which are caused by air trapped in the plumbing and high water pressure. Water hammers can cause undue stress and can make leaks much more likely, and they should be fixed as soon as possible.

Slow Draining

Another clear indication that your plumbing system needs to be serviced by a professional is if you notice that any of your drains or appliances struggles to drain water quickly. This can occur because of a partial clog somewhere within your drains, such as a tree root or a buildup of grime or other debris. A plumber will be able to remove these blockages much better than you will be able to with a plunger or drain cleaning chemicals, either through the use of a mechanical drain snake or hydrojetting equipment.

Increased Bills

Finally, you should keep an eye on your monthly utility bills to see if there is a sudden and marked increased in your water bills. This can be caused by a wide variety of different factors, from a hidden leak that is causing water to drain somewhere within your home or a faulty tap or toilet that is constantly running to appliances that have reached the end of their lifespan and should be replaced with a more efficient model. In any case, a plumber will be able to perform a holistic examination of your system and offer leak detection services to determine where the problem lies and give you a recommendation on how to fix it moving forward.