How To Ensure Your AC Is Running Efficiently

Just because your AC is running and cooling your house, it doesn't mean that it is running efficiently. It might be that the AC is overworking and consuming more power than it should give considering the amount of cooling you need. The following measures should help you keep your AC running efficiently:

Get the Right Settings

The AC settings, controls or adjustments are not just about making it run; they also affect the AC's efficiency. For example, most ACs have "medium", "high", and "low" settings. Many people set their AC to "high" even when they can just be as comfortable with "medium" or even "low" settings. Changing the direction of the vents represents another adjustment that may help your AC provide comfortable cooling even with low energy consumption. For example, vents facing one side should be adjusted to face the center for maximum cooling.

Keep the Unit Clean

Clogging or debris accumulation is another thing that can make your AC waste energy. Efficient air circulation is needed to make your AC run efficiently; good air circulation is particularly needed through the filter, over the coils (condenser and evaporator), and through the vents. Debris and dirt clogging these areas will make your AC work harder than it should to move the same amount of air; therefore, cleaning the AC will make it run efficiently.

Know When to Open and Close Your Windows

Your windows and doors can help you keep your AC running efficiently or increase your energy bills depending on when you open and close them. Ideally, you need to keep your windows and doors closed during the day when the sun is up and hitting your house. That way direct sunlight doesn't heat up your house and give the AC an extra cooling job.

Minimize Heat Production

The more heat you produce in your house, the harder the AC will need to work to cool it. Therefore, minimize the production of heat in the house, especially during the day, to give the AC a break. This doesn't mean that you have to stop all heat-producing activities, but you can at least avoid the unnecessary ones or take them outside. For example, if there is something you can grill or cook outside, do so.

The need for regular AC maintenance cannot be overemphasized; it is the maintenance that will help keep your AC running efficiently. Don't forget to take care of any AC malfunction as soon as it occurs before it blows up into a serious issue and causes the system to break down. Contact companies like H.R. Stewart Inc. for more tips.