Reasons To Consider Connecting Your Home To Natural Gas

If you're renovating your home and it doesn't have a gas line installed, you may want to consider adding gas lines and some gas appliances as you remodel. Gas is usually less expensive than electricity so you might save money if you install a gas furnace or water heater. All it requires is hiring a plumber to connect the gas lines from the gas main to your home and appliances. Here are some reasons why you should consider installing gas.

You Can Have A Fireplace

If you have a traditional fireplace now, you can have a gas insert installed so the fireplace is more convenient to use. If you don't have a chimney now, you can have a gas fireplace installed without the need to build a chimney. All it needs is a vent to the outside. A gas fireplace is much more convenient since you don't have to gather wood. You can control it with a remote. It's also energy efficient, so you can use it as a source of heat as well as to create ambiance.

You Can Enjoy Modern Appliances

Your home's electrical system may not be powerful enough to handle some of the modern appliances you wish you could own. Sometimes, upgrading your electrical panel and wiring is cost prohibitive if all you want out of it is to operate a gourmet stove or tankless water heater. Many appliances come in gas or electric models. This allows you to install a tankless water heater and have hot water on demand without the need for electricity. You can install a real cook's stove and prepare food with gas, which some people prefer over cooking with electricity. Another upgrade you can give your home is radiant floor heating. While you can get it in an electrical version too, by hooking the tubes to a gas water heater, you can enjoy cozy warm floors for a more affordable cost.

You Could Have Conveniences During A Power Outage

If your area has poor infrastructure when it comes to public utilities and your electricity often goes out when it storms, then you may want to consider having a gas standby generator installed. You can run your entire home off of the generator or just the kitchen and other important rooms that need power. This saves you from suffering through temperature extremes during a power outage and it can save your food from spoiling if you keep power running to your refrigerator. You'll need both a plumber and electrician to install the standby generator since it must be connected to a gas line and your electrical box.

Using natural gas around your home is an option you may want to consider. There are several appliances it can operate including the dryer, water heater, oven, and furnace. If you don't have gas lines installed now, a plumber can install a connecting line to the gas main and place indoor lines where they are needed for hooking up your appliances.