How Can The Sewer Main Line Cleaned Out?

Preventing blockages throughout your sewer system is vital. However, sometimes blockages happen in the sewer main line that takes all the waste outside your home. When that happens, there's a chance sewage will begin backing up into the other lines or pipes, causing terrible stenches and possibly grimy, dirty water indoors. To handle sewer main problems, you're going to need professional assistance. After they use some type of sewer camera to find and capture the extent of your problem, they are likely to use one of the methods below to clean out the line.


One technique you might already know something about is the action of flushing water through the sewer main. High-pressured water is forced through the main line in an effort to dislodge whatever could be blocking it. In a related technique, the ice slurry method, ice is pushed through to accomplish the same thing.


Scouring is similar to flushing, although scouring is typically done with pressurized air. The air may push the obstruction through the line so that a clog no longer exists. This method can at times be less messy than those that use water.

Chemical Treatment

If a sewer camera revealed that your problem was that roots of shrubs or trees were getting into the main line, a contractor may opt to apply an herbicide to chemically kill off the roots in and around your line. They would then take action to restore the integrity of the sewer main so that you won't experience similar problems later. To help yourself in the future, avoid planting or growing too many trees or shrubs near pipes.


Sediment or debris can sometimes start to collect along sewer main line walls and that could be the root of a sewer problem. Water or air can be effective, but to ensure that sediment is removed in a substantive way, a sponge, or swab, is sometimes used. A high-pressure water stream can push the swab along the line, collecting and pushing debris and sediment along the way. Your line should be much clearer after this method is used. This method could also be done to remove debris and soil after roots have been addressed.

One or more of these techniques is sure to be applied so you can have a clear main line once again. Discuss your sewer main with a few professionals who are able to help so any problems are rapidly addressed, or click here.