The Pros And Cons Of Using Septic Additives In Your Septic Tank

If you have a septic system, you have to decide whether to add additives to the tank or not. Additives contain good enzymes and bacteria that can help eat away at the waste in the tank. However, a lot of the enzymes and bacteria that are needed to naturally clean the waste are found naturally in the tank, as long you don't accidentally kill them. Learning the pros and cons of using a septic tank additive will help you determine if you should be using them or not. 

The Cons of Using Septic Additives in Your Septic Tank

  • Additives Are an Added Expenses

One of the disadvantage to septic additives is that they are an added expense. If money is tight in your household, you may be looking for ways to save money, rather than to spend it. Additives are not a necessity, so instead, you may be looking to preserve the good bacteria already in your tank, rather than spending money on a product that you don't necessarily need. 

  • You Have to Remember to Add the Additives Routinely

The second downside is that you have to remember to add the additives in order for them to work. The frequency with which they should be added varies based on the brand you buy. But most need to be flushed down your toilet every 30 to 90 days. If you forget, the additives won't do you any good. As such, these only work if you can remember to consistently use them. 

The Pros of Using Additives in Your Septic Tank

  • Helps to Replace Any Bacteria You May Inadvertently Kill

One of the benefits to using additives in a septic tank is that additives help to replace any bacteria in the tank you may inadvertently kill. Many household items can kill the good bacteria in your tank, including bleach and antibacterial soap. If you use products that are not labeled as being safe for a septic system, you are likely killing off the good bacteria. Additives help to restore their levels should you use a product you are not supposed to. 

  • Bacteria Help to Reduce the Frequency in Which Your Tank Needs to Be Pumped

Having too much good bacteria and enzymes in your tank is not harmful. However, having too little can be. If there are not enough bacteria and enzymes in your tank, the waste may not get broken down as it should, and your tank may need to be pumped and cleaned more often. As such, you may want to consider adding additives as a way of ensuring your bacteria levels are appropriate. 

If you have questions specifically about your septic system, talk to the plumber or septic system company that maintains yours. They can give you helpful advice on whether they would recommend you use additives based on the age of your system, its current condition and the frequency with which you are having to have your tank pumped and cleaned. For more information, contact companies like B & B Drain Tech Inc.