Air Conditioning Services And Its Connection To Plumbers

Air conditioning services include the installation, maintenance, and repair of air conditioning units. Some types of units require the assistance of plumbers. This may surprise you, considering that you have always been told an HVAC contractor is the one to call for air conditioning needs. While that is still quite true, the role of a plumber pertains to areas of expertise where the two types of systems cross over or overlap each other.

Geothermal Units

Geothermal air conditioning units require a plumber in that unique pipework and duct work has to be laid in the ground. It is also important to have a plumber on hand to make sure that the components of these units are not interfering with household plumbing, sewer, or septic pipelines. Preventing damage to these systems is as important as the proper installation of your geothermal system. Everything should work well together and fit well together in the ground too.


Some types of air conditioning units need proper drainage of excess condensation and moisture. Plumbers are signed on to assist with this task so that these types of air conditioning units have what they need to function and drain properly. It is also important that the smaller pipelines for the delivery of refrigerant are not draining or leaking, as this delivers potentially harmful chemicals into the environment.

Non-Interference with Interior Plumbing

It is also important to consult with a plumber for the installation of air conditioning in regards to any plumbing or unique situations inside the house. The duct work for the air conditioning units should not interfere with the plumbing, and vice versa. Sometimes the installation of some duct work may be cause for concern if the duct work has to go directly under or over some major pipes in the house. In these cases, the plumber is essential to creating a reasonable solution for this issue so that the installation of the air conditioning can continue as planned.

Precisely Why Some Plumbers Are Also HVAC Contractors

Even though it would take a few extra years of education and training, some HVAC contractors may also be plumbers. Conversely, plumbers may work beyond securing their plumber's training and degree to get an HVAC education and license. For that reason, you may find it very beneficial to hire a company like Abbey Plumbing & HVAC, LLC that does both plumbing and HVAC air conditioning services so that you only have to hire one person to do the job.