The Best Ways To Prevent Plumbing Problems In Commercial Restrooms

The restroom in your business is likely the source of many plumbing problems, but several of these can be prevented if you take action now. While old or improperly installed plumbing can be a major culprit, your customers are more likely to cause you a problem. You have to be careful not to infringe on rights, but you can guard against the intentional or absent-minded actions of customers when they try to use the restroom.

No Unattended Kids

Make it a rule that in your store there are no unattended children under a certain age. Bored kids are often the cause of many clogging problems as they decide to flush everything down the toilet for fun. Ensure kids under your stated age limit are always with a parent, and if you see a young child wandering around alone, find the parent and have the manager order the parent to keep the child with him or her, or leave the store. It may seem harsh, especially if the child and parent are store regulars who would never cause a problem. But if you give them a pass, you discriminate against everyone who you tell to follow the rules.

Straightforward Notices

Post very clear, straightforward notices about what should not be flushed down the toilet. Explain in the notice that the plumbing clogs easily, so customers shouldn't flush things like feminine hygiene products, for example, or food wrappers. You may still get jokers who think it's funny to flush everything on the list down the toilet, causing massive trouble, but you'll at least get those who just didn't know to stop accidentally ruining your plumbing.

Clear Contact Information

Along with notice about what not to flush, place clear instructions about who to contact if there's a problem. Most people know to notify an employee, but some don't, thinking that the store will find out when they clean up the restroom that evening. Again, this is to take care of those people who didn't know any better.

Frequent Inspections

Schedule inspections of the restroom. Have an employee go in there every hour, for example, to check toilet paper and soap levels, and to eyeball the area for any obvious signs of plumbing trouble.

You might not be able to eliminate all plumbing problems, but you can reduce the number of times you have to contact a plumber because a child got bored. Commercial plumbing companies may also be able to regale you with tales -- and then give you good advice for dealing with the problems.