Understanding Some Non-Serious Causes Of Low Water Pressure

If you notice that water is simply not flowing through your faucets as fast as it once did, then you may be very concerned about the low water pressure in your home. This is an issue that is often related to a serious leak. However, the problem is not always related to something serious. Keep reading to learn about some less serious reasons for the problem and also how you can combat the issue.

Partially Closed Shut Off Valve

If you have recently had a plumber in your home completing some routine maintenance or some more lengthy piping replacements, then you may think that the low water pressure is directly related to the plumbing issue. Well, this is probably true, but not in the way you think. When a professional plumber completes even a minor job in your home, water is often shut off at the main water line. Sometimes the shut off valve can get stuck and your plumber may inadvertently turn the water back on only partially. 

There is a simple fix to the problem. You need to try to turn the valve all the way on. Locate your main water line first and identify the shutoff valve. If you have not had the opportunity to identify the valve or the water meter, then you will need to locate it first. You can do this by searching the street side wall of the home, both inside and out. The shutoff will often be just inside the home against the foundation wall that faces the street. 

Sometimes the shutoff will be behind a metal or plastic trap door, or it will sit in another space of the home. The inspection report and the initial home inspection may both list these things, so look here if you have a hard time finding the shutoff. Once it is located, twist the knob all the way to the right to turn it off. Turn the knob to the left afterwards and pay attention to the number of revolutions. You should twist the knob completely three times. If you cannot, then purchase a can of penetrating oil spray. Spray the fluid down the shaft of the knob, wait 15 minutes, and try to open it again. You can also use a hair dryer to heat up the valve and loosen it. In some cases, a torch can be helpful. If all else fails, contact a plumber like Cove Plumbing Inc for help.

Town Water Work

Sometimes low water pressure has nothing to do with your home. A main water pipe may spring a leak in another area of your town and this can greatly affect the pressure in your area. Also, when work is being completed on the water system, some of the water supply lines may need to be turned off, and others will be used for rerouting. 

While towns will send out notices if one area is affected by water main repairs and scheduled maintenance, you may not receive a notice because you may not be near the repair area. However, if you also happen to be at the end of the town's water system, then you will notice even small changes in the water supply system. 

If you notice a drastic drop in your water pressure, then speak with your neighbors to see if they also recognize an issue. You also have the option of contacting the water department directly. Most local governments will have an online directory to help you contact the water company in your area. If you cannot find one of these directories, then contact your town hall directory to ask for contact information for the water department.

If you can speak with the water department, ask them about work being completed in the area. Even if they do not know of any repairs, maintenance, or emergencies, they can share with you whether or not others in the region are experiencing the same problem. If several complaints are voiced, this will often lead to an investigation and the location of a main water leak.