Sneaky Signs Of Impending Septic Tank Problems In The Home

You may not give your septic system a lot of attention, but it is easily one of the hardest working components in the entire house. If you fail to keep up with septic system maintenance, there is no doubt that eventually, you will run into problems. Septic system issues don't usually happen all at one time, but slowly, showing telltale signs and giving sometimes not-so-obvious signals along the way. Here are a few sneaky signs of septic system problems that could show up in your home that are a sign that you will soon be facing issues. 

1. Your drains are pulling water slower than usual. 

When your drains start to drain slower than usual, if you are like most homeowners, you will be quick to point a finger at a clog. However, slow-moving drains can also mean that your septic system is starting to have problems, and the tank is beginning to get too full. It could mean that your septic tank needs to be emptied, which is a maintenance task that should be tackled every three to five years. It is a good idea to give a septic tank maintenance company a call so they can clean your tank. 

2. You have curious water regurgitation issues. 

You pull the plug to drain the bathtub, and the toilet starts to gurgle. You let out the dishwater, and dirty water bubbles up in the shower. Both of these examples are a sign that you are facing septic system issues. There could be a problem with the drainage system that is not directing airflow to keep the septic lines flowing properly, but this is also a symptom of a tank that is getting too full. Either way, immediate attention from a professional is best to properly diagnose and tend to the issue because regurgitating waste water can be pretty disconcerting.

3. Your home smells like sewage even though it is clean.

All septic systems have some form of ventilation that allows natural waste gases to be expelled. However, this ventilation pipe is usually far enough away from the house that you would never smell anything offensive. If you are smelling sewage in the house, it definitely means that there is a problem. You could be facing a waste leak that is saturating the ground beneath your home or a sewage line leak somewhere out of sight. Sewage odors are not just offensive but can be toxic, so make sure you get help immediately. 

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