Is There Sewage In Your Home? Learn How It Got There & How To Stop It

Living in a home with waste materials from the sewerage system is uncomfortable and harmful to your health. The waste may be a sign that the main sewer line to your home is in need of a repair or replacement. You must treat the sewage as an emergency and get the situation inspected by a plumber as soon as possible.

How Does Waste from the Sewerage System Get in a Home?

If the problem stems from a damaged or backed up main sewer line, there are several ways the waste materials can get into your home. One way for waste to get in your home is by seeping through the cracks of plumbing fixtures. For instance, if the area of your toilet that connects to the floor is not sealed well, backed up waste materials can seep through the cracks.

Another way for waste materials to get inside of your home is by seeping through cracks in the foundation. If you notice that your carpet seems to keep getting wetter, it is possible that there are foundation cracks. If you have tried to dry the carpet but the problem is consistent, the waste will not stop coming until the problem is fixed.

How Can the Problem with Waste in a Home be Stopped?

When there is a large about of waste materials in your home, you may only get to the root of the problem with the help of a plumber, such as Norm’s Mobile Service Plumbing & Heating Ltd. He or she will have to use commercial equipment like a special camera to determine what the problem is. If a camera is used, it will be placed in the system through a drain.

The camera will send images to a monitor to give the plumber an idea of what the inside of the main sewer line looks like. The camera can help prevent the need for your landscape to be dug up for accessing the main sewer line. If the system is simply backed up, a plumbing snake may be able to be used.

A plumbing snake is a tool that is effective and powerful for cleaning waste out of pipes because of the technique it uses for the task. It basically wiggles around the inside of the pipes to loosen up back up waste. After the system is fixed, the plumber can remove the waste out of your home to prevent possible health problems.

Don't allow the waste materials to continue accumulating before hiring a plumber to make repairs. The problem may only become worse if you attempt fixing it on your own!